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IBI Global Research Solutions

Globally Exclusive,
Inclusively Local


IBI Global Research Solutions

With decades of experience in multi-functional research, IBI is driven by the idea of providing top-notch market research services at a significantly feasible cost. At IBI, we move forward with a phenomenal amalgamation of expertise and experience that has enabled us to empower hundreds of companies to discover their sweet spots for innovation based on authentic data.

What really sets IBI apart is our agile and forward-thinking approach. Our team at IBI strongly believes in the fact that research is to see what everyone has seen but to think what nobody has thought. This approach has led us to help a wide array of brands across infinite industry frontiers to develop growth strategies and gain the fast-mover advantage, leading to a stellar market standing.

IBI straddling across the globe in stride.

With our extensive experience of over seven decades in domestic and international market research and knowledge processes, we are driving forward to enabling more and more brands to change their market landscape forever with innovation research and top-notch strategy.


Our Values

We take pride in our values and align with them at all costs!


Quality is considered and delivered at the utmost echelons at IBI. We believe in uplifting quality standards with every research report. Everything from the data processed, to the statistics and numbers that are incorporated, everything goes through a very rigorous in-house quality check before being deployed to the client.


At IBI, we play by our client’s book! All the plans and strategies are motivated by customer demand or expectations is the g-force that drives our methodologies in association with state of art technology and quality control. We provide timely delivery and cost-efficiency, all aligned to exceed our clients’ expectations.


If you want to set yourself apart, all you have to do is constantly innovating. Clearly, any business that is not investing in innovation for both processes and products to meet client requirements will be out of the race. IBI ought to be a driving force in the research, being intricately invested heavily in innovation, technologies, and manpower.

Global Expertise, Local Knowledge

We are equipped to cater to global demands through our local setup with our top-notch technology, which bridges the gap across the world making it one single global village. At IBI, our business practices and experience marries our international team, tools, and products to create the most exemplary global-local combination.


The driving factor for any business is profit and that can be achieved only with continuous growth not just in terms of offerings but also in terms of agile approaches. At IBI, we consider assisting our clients with the right direction to make strategic and data-oriented decisions on lines of business, products, and services.

Our People

Our talent is our pride at IBI. Ethics, hard work, dedication, and innovation are the recipe to succeed in whatever we do and at IBI we provide our employees a platform to thrive with all of them. Not only do we encourage innovation, we drive and lead them to achieve more.

Industries that we cater to.

These are the wide array of industry verticals that we’ve been serving at IBI