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who we are

We help you innovate with
the power of insights

Data Acquisition

Straddle the world with the right decisions that are based on real-time data.

Value Addition

Garner an audience base that are your brand champions by providing more value.

Leadership Assertion

Lead by example in not just your industry but across the globe with the right insights.
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About Us

IBI - Globally Exclusive, Inclusively Local

With decades of experience in multi-functional research, IBI is driven by the idea of providing top-notch market research services with significantly feasible costs.

At IBI, we are driven by a phenomenal amalgamation of expertise and experience that has enabled us to empower hundreds of companies to discover their sweet spots for innovation based on authentic data.

Think Market Research,
Think IBI

We’ve got all your market research needs covered with a vivid array of services!
We provide world-class services in the most localized fashion.

Years in Business
Team Members
Completed Projects

What our clients say about us!

We approached the company on a very tight deadline and budget to help us augment our project. Not only was the team able to partner with us on such a tight timeframe, they also were instrumental in providing tactical guidance in the smooth execution of this project. I am thrilled to have worked with such a dedicated and insightful firm.

The quality of work that they produce for us is always high, even when working towards extremely tight deadlines. What is particularly impressive is their attitude – they are very flexible both in the way they work with us and in the way they answer research problems.

It is a pleasure to work with this organization. I always know that if we ask questions, we will receive a well-thought-through answer in a timely manner.

Great quality work!

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